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Fruit of the Loom is an American company that manufactures clothing, particularly casual wear and underwear. The company's world headquarters is in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Since 2002 it has been a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

A very angry customer mentioned, "I've bought the same Fruit of the Loom panties for years. To my surprise they no longer carry the ones I like. They used to just have a little elastic around the waste, you couldn't even tell because it was part of the panty. Now they all have this noticeable elastic that scratches and is just plain uncomfortable. Also, these ones shrink. Please bring back the other style. Now I have panties I can't wear or return because I've already washed them. I don't know about you but I don't wear my underwear until I've washed them. I had no reason to believe the size wouldn't fit since that's the size I always get."


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Former Employee - Supply Chain says

"FOL gives out titles instead of good pay. It's funny to see people take 1-2 steps down in title if they leave an go anywhere else (the whole industry knows about them). The only reason this company is still going is because of the Berkshire money. I've actually lost some respect for Buffett since he's let this company go on like it has destroying a household name."


"We appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback and are concerned you feel this way. There is always room for improvement on business transparency and we have been working hard to deliver meaningful and pertinent Company information to employees, including the internal posting of our Corporate Goals and Score Cards that provide insight into business health and direction. As recently reported in the news, we did make a strategic business decision to outsource our IT function to a third-party provider in order to meet long term strategic goals. Unfortunately, this difficult decision led to a reduction in workforce. Impacted team members are being provided with extensive resources and services to support the search for new employment. We are also concerned that you did not find balance between work and personal life. Our Personal Time Off policy and Summer Hours program were implemented to support a healthy work/life balance for employees. We would appreciate the opportunity to hear your feedback directly. Please reach out to if you are interested in discussing your concerns further."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Don't let any of these other "positive" reviews fool you. They're shilled--this company runs on PURE toxic culture and up the head politics. Either you're with them or against them. By "them" I mean management in all sections. Sycophants thrive in this environment. Anything other than (in more ways than one) will be put aside. Other reviews are telling the truth; FOTL holds a cutting season just before the annual meeting. Be not taken, this company is not in the business of MAKING money--they're in the business of giving residents jobs (which means they pay WELL below market value for what's expected). Nothing really takes place. And no, this isn't a case of "burned former employee"; short of a few groups, mediocre is the name of the game. Nothing more, nothing less. Be prepared for that. It's a good gig for 3-5 years, get a leg up but don't commit. They won't commit to you. Pay attention--you can learn quite a bit about workplace socializing but unless you fit the actual bill, they're going to abuse you (being used is fine--that's what a job is). Don't expect quick advancement--nowhere fast here. Make friends but trust no one."

Former Employee - Applications Developer says

"Wow, where do I begin. Some might call me a disgruntled employee. And they would be somewhat correct. I started at FOTL in 2016. I was a good employee. Never late for work, always contributing, used my skills to the fullest. But after awhile, I realized that it didn’t matter. Because each year, just before the company’s communication session, Fruit of the Loom does what they call a “mass workforce reduction “. Then, a few weeks later, they slowly start the hiring process all over again. Then, in 2018, I spoke with other former coworkers to see how they have been doing only to find that they too were laid off as well. This pattern seems to imply that they hire new people only to fire them later. THIS IS NOT HOW A COMPANY SHOULD BE RUN! Shame on Fruit of the Loom! If you decide to try to become employed there, please do this at your own risk. I want you to know that you may be here today, gone tomorrow. If you ask employees that work there about longevity within the company, you will find that each year they will layoff several people. I was one of over 120 people in 2017 let go within a 3 days span. No real reason was given other than “workforce reduction”. So please, for your own financial protection, do not apply for a position within this organization."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horribly bad management. The managers will not adapt to change and would rather drag into work, collect their bonuses and retirement when excellent employees are voluntarily forced out or leave to support their families. The managers dont care..they are all their chairs..hating their jobs and not promoting advancement. Fol has by far the worst managers and they bully staff to compensate for their lack of knowledge."

Former Employee - Janitor/Cleaner says

"they fried me just because I had seizues fol is not a good place to work my boss knew I had them and fried me any way"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Executive level promotes personal career growth. They assume VP & SR VP follow the same course. Those managers are out dated, old school. The way promotion works is being employed 20 plus years, be a good old boy and be an informant. The 20 plus are just putting in their retirement time. No recognition for exceptional work, must stay your cubicle, keep your head down go along with everything and never speak up, then you might get a 3% raise while management gets bonuses for employees hard work. Never expect to rise above your entry level. Be prepared to use the company name to find another job at a different company that appreciates their employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This place breaks you. The culture is backstabbing. Even salary employees are treated like factory workers punching the time clock. Pay is mediocre at best. HR breaks the law in everything from employment screening to human rights violations. People live in fear of being fired and there are more "mean girls" than a middle school."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"It closed the plant and sent it all overseas and across the border. That was the last plant in the USA. Quality when down the last couple of years due to higher ups not wanting to spen the money to keep the plant open"


"This is one of the worse places I have ever worked. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Hopefully it has changed since the last time I was there"

Packer/Loader (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was very fast pasted. The hardest part of the job was the lifting. The most enjoyable part of the day was being around my co-workers. I learned several different tasks while enjoying the fast paced work.Paid breaks, weekends offShort breaks"

Color Room Mixer (Former Employee) says

"Company laid off everybody and made the excuse that they were outsourced by competitors overseas. I wouldn't buy their product they sold out the American Worker.No prosLet go off its employees even after they helped company get out of bankruptcy"

shipping (Former Employee) says

"This company does give good benefits but they are very unorganized. I did learn a lot of skills from this job only because they put me wherever the needed me. (Also I got wrote up for being where THEY put me because apparently I was out of my area.) One week you get over time, the next they send you home every day. Not a steady job. Also, when we work 12 hours, we only get 2 15 minute breaks and a 25 lunch.Short breaks, bad tratment"

Forklift Operator/Order Puller (Former Employee) says

"In my opinion, Fruit of the Loom COULD have been a very decent place to work long term, however poor workplace moral and unprofessional management made a very stressful and unproductive.The job was easy enough, but once again when you factor in management and supervisors who are not only ignorant of job protocol and processes it makes for a long day."

Temp Floor Worker (Former Employee) says

"Hated it. The management was rude, uninformative. They hired anyone without background checks. I stood at an assembly line with a guy that was awaiting a murder trail.NoneEverything"

Sample Room Clerk (Current Employee) says

"It was a easy place to work and i had good co workers. I worked here many years.healthcareplant closing"

Distribution Warehouse Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"If you like long hours and very little respect, then this is the place for you.a lot"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"When I first got hired I was so excited to be working for a large, reputable company. After 3 years I am completely miserable. This is, by far, the worst job I have ever had. Mis-managed, overworked, undervalued, and underpaid. Enough said?Decent benefitsToo numerous for such a short review"

Forklift and Turret Operator/ Crew Leader (Former Employee) says

"they dont care about the employees, your just a number. you can forget about life outside of the job. rules are not the same for everyone. and management and Human resources is very rudeeasy jobshort breaks, no paid time off, management"

worker (Current Employee) says

"They dont care about there employees. They work you like dogs for 6-7 months then give you 20 hr work wks for the rest and expect you to make due wit that. They show no support to their employees. Definitly a good ole boy system here. Change people pay per hour all the time with their "incentive" program. No home life balance. The plant mangers are rude and dont even speak to you. Their HR lies to employees and is part of the problem. Plant manager is CEO of company son so he does what he wants. They wont run the heaters in the winter months because it'll ruin their budget (bonuses). No paid vacation, no care and no love. Run from this job! Theirs a reason that all the reviews for this jobsite are negativenonemanagers and their systems."

Outbound Logistics Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The benefits and co-workers are the best part. The supervisors and managers are terrible which contribute to a stressful work environment. They expect you to do more then your fair share but do not reward you. Assume all people are interchangeable.BenefitsLow pay, not appreciated."

Product Development (Former Employee) says

"This company has a culture of outsourcing their entire product line while letting the marketing people run the show. People who actually understand the product development and manufacturing processes that result in a quality product that consumers will be happy with have ten percent, maximum, input in business and project decisions. The management sits in a bubble and has no wonder this company wallows in a mediocre state.???Politics, backstabbing, "Good 'Ole Boy" culture."

Picker, Truck Loader/Unloader, Stocker, Crew Lead (Current Employee) says

"The management does NOT value their employees whatsoever. Everyday management expects you to make a miracle from their shortcomings to get the orders out. I have(and still am) a victim of their pay system. Everyone, raymond drivers, forklift drivers, module pickers, and retail operators are paid by what FOTL calls incentive pay, but we don't receive incentive at all. After almost a decade, I average 9.50 an hour and I work EVERY position except management and driving. I have witnessed them do some bad things with our pay. Management is HORRIBLE. Plant manager, Asst. Plant Manager, Dept. Managers can be really rude and unpleasant AND uncomfortable to speak to. I have heard some of them talk nasty and mean of some employers behind their backs. If you speak up and question this, that, or the get a legacy of being a "troublemaker". Simply put I never recommend ppl here. You could do soooo much better elsewhere. Incentive pay here at Union underwear/FOTL is no good for us but great for the company. Have been told by management once that the reason they capped how much I made on a particular order was because in his words"THEY HAVE TO BE FAIR TO THE COMPANY". Made 11.50 that day, but I was told that was just too much and the plant manager,asst. Manager, my Dept. Manager and Supervisor worked to drop my pay down to 9.75 an hr. No sick time off. You get 10 vacation days per year that u use for appts and conferances. You only get paid 2x's outta the year for your vacation days. And they have a system for that. If you are late,absent, its on a rolling basis only. Oh and noThere aren't any prosIncentive pay no home and work balance"

A/R Associate (Former Employee) says

"No advancement, managers are rude, managers over load there work on employees they don't like while others sit and chat with each other all day.Managers refuse to help employees with there over load of work It's the only place I know where a company allows employees to clip there fingernail and toenails.Some employees are allow to chat all day on there Ceil phones while others are not. Managers do not care about there employees. There way of thinking is "What can you do for me to make me look good?"one hour lunchNO advancements, RUDE managers"

Russell Athletic (Former Employee) says

"Too many politics, everyone in management is ready to step on your to further themselves. Very toxic environment. Sales are down, work force is now a skeleton crew."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"At Fruit of the loom we had to fill orders for Amazon. People would order things amazon such as underwear, panties, boxers for both men/kids and women/kids"

Load Trucks (Former Employee) says

"Loaded Trucks and worked on the shipping sorter. Ensuring the Sorter did not get jams. Palletized Freight and shrink wrap. Make sure all boxes were accounted for."

knitter (Former Employee) says

"It runs you into the ground. You are constantly moving from one machine to the next, up and down ladders. I went through a pair of shoes every three months and everything I owned including my car was covered in lint. Temperatures can reach 100 degrees in the summer. A pedometer measured an average of 21 miles walked in a typical day just running to machines.You get paid.You have no life"

Kate Rollor says

"I love Fruit of the Loom and always get their socks and underwear and sometimes their basic t-shirts, so I hate saying something bad about them. I had bought some face masks from their website based on the pictures. When they arrived, the style didn’t fit. I was unable to return them due to health concerns, and that’s okay. I did leave a review saying they needed accurate pictures of the masks on their site because it was false advertising and didn’t want others to make the same mistake I did. I didn’t think anything more of it because I thought my voice would be heard and the company would add some photos. Instead, I received an email from them stating that my review did not meet their website guidelines (they did not explain which guidelines the review did not meet) and they had removed it from the website. Now the perception is that they delete everything negative even when it’s meant to be constructive feedback just so they have a better rating. I’ll be shopping all Hanes products from now on."

Cora Morales says

"Don't purchase anything on line from this company, ordered $70. of merchandise from them, they sent 2 items, tried to contact them with no avail. You can't get anywhere on the phone # they provide on their site, they finally answered a email blaming the covid for their slow response. I ended receiving a email stating the remainder of my order was on the way, right after that email they sent another saying part of that order was being cancelled, I yet to receive any refund for the cancelled items, or the delivery of the remainder of the order!"

Mjand says

"Purchased f, o, t, l, T-shirts in the past they were OK, not now very poor quality like wearing an old sack on your skin much better quality at asda"

Gary Snell says

"a once trusted brand has 'unravelled'!
50%(3 pair)of the 6-pack of underwear i bought 2 months ago have fallen apart at the seams. so cheaply made it's pathetic. why bother even making such a shoddy product. so wasteful! damaging to the environment even! milking a once trusted brand for profit should be a criminal offense. i am thoroughly disgusted with this product. shame on you!"

Mary Kay says

"I just bought a package of socks and have only been wearing them for a month and are all ready coming apart! I will never buy their products again. I feel that the amount of money you spend on a package, they would last longer than 4 weeks. Poor quality products. U may want to rethink your processing and quality measures before selling products to hard working people. DISGRACEFUL! Another corporation getting over on the American people. U will never get a dime of my hard earned income again, that’s a promise!"

flower power says

"Disgusting. The t shirt I ordered came with no packing, no plastic bag, no nothing. It also had a big hole in it because was not properly sew. But who cares about quality control and costumers. First time and last time buy from this label. Feel like throwing up. Literally."

Sam Russo says

"The T-shirts I ordered, over a dozen, have NO durability and there is something wrong about the armpit area, the sleeve is less than 2 inches long, was sewn far too low, and they bunch up very uncomfortably, I can't help but feel I was sent defects.

The other stuff I ordered is of similar poor quality, ill fitting and not worth having even if it were free.

After viewing other reviews it is obvious the only 5 star reviews are very short and obvious company shills. The real reviews indicate a good company gone down the drain."

Jeff Hollister says

"Ordered a set of T-shirts and briefs online; delivery was supposed to take place within 5-7 days. It's nearly 3 weeks later, no skivvies delivered and no response from "customer service." Time to contact the bank and dispute the charge..."

Trisha says

"I have been purchasing fruit of the loom panties for as long as I can remember and I loved them.
The last pack of panties I bought literally fell apart. The seams came apart On the sides, and the lace around the top came off as well. I have never had this happen before! Of course I can’t, or won’t, return them as I’ve had them for a month. Pair by pair I’ve had to throw out.
So disappointed in this company that I have been patronizing for years.
I will not ever purchase this product again."

Kay says

"Placed an order online and everything seemed fine. When I went to print out my order confirmation, I noticed the state had been changed from NV to NE. My charge went through, though it should not have with erroneous information. Worried my shipment was going to go to Nebraska, rather than Nevada, I tried calling customer service, but they are also using Covid as an excuse for poor customer service/lack thereof. I called their 800 number and reached a recording that their offices are closed-it was a British voiced robot for their Kentucky store? lol okay then.

I emailed them to cancel my order. If a business cannot fix a simple mistake, simply, I don't even want to proceed with them at all. That email was sent 2 weeks ago, and I have not received an acknowledgement of it.

I called my bank and stopped the charge, thinking if I happened to actually get the shipment, I'd call them back and tell them to put the charge through, as I had received my items. Well, I did receive items...though they were all the incorrect size. In the bag there was...nothing. No packing slip, no return/exchange policy, nothing. So, I shipped the stuff back to the return address on the shipping label. That is not where it is supposed to go, I'm sure, but if they're not going to help me, then I don't know what else to do."

John Lauless says

"fruit of the loom sent me the wrong size first. So I returned it okay took him 2 weeks to return it from Florida to Alabama which is pathetic then they got my return and it's supposed to three to five business days now they're playing games and tell me it's my bank's problem to deposit the money when they can which is ridiculous what the heck are you guys doing I will never use you again remind you I've been wearing for the loom underwear since I was like four I've used your products my entire life this will be the last time I guarantee I don't even want to give you one star but that's what I got to do all right try to beat it up a little bit you guys okay you know your reputation is going downhill"

kathleen ibbetson says

"the sizing is hopeless eg I ordered XXL expecting at least a size 18 but they are more like size 14"

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